International Higher Education, Spring Issue #75
Marzo 20, 2014


 We are pleased to send you the spring issue of International Higher Education. This issue features several articles about the role of English in Chinese higher education and on aspects of international student mobility as well as a range of key international issues.

Our readers will soon receive a questionnaire from International Higher Education concerning our publication. We hope that you respond so that we can improve our service to the international higher education community.

We have recently completed research on student mobility scholarship schemes sponsored by various countries. This work was sponsored by the British Council and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The report findings will be presented at the British Council’s “Going Global” conference in Miami later this spring. We will also feature analysis in coming issues of IHE



Philip G. Altbach, Director

Laura E. Rumbley, Associate Director

Boston College

Download the full English edition here. 

International Issues

China: English and the Brain Race

Yang Rui


English Fever in China: a Watershed

Wang Xiaoyang and Li Yangyang

Will China Excel in the Global Brain Race?

Qiang Zha

International Student Flows

Jing Li


German Students Abroad

Jan Kercher and Nicole Rohde


Canada’s Immigration Policies to Attract International Students

Anita Gopal

Africa: Quality Assurance and Regulation

Focus on Ukraine 

Ukraine’s Testing Innovation

Eduard Klein


Internationalization in post-Soviet Ukraine

Valentyna Kushnarenko and Sonja Knutson



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