Psicología educacional: Conferencia 2014
Abril 1, 2014
2014 Conference on Educational Psychology and Applied Social Psychology (EPASP 2014)
August 26-28, 2014     Suzhou, China
Dear Colleagues,
2014 Conference on Educational Psychology and Applied Social Psychology (EPASP 2014) will take place from August 26 to 28, 2014 in Suzhou, China. This conference will cover issues on:
• Educational Communications and Technology
• Language Education Human Resource Development
• Language and Creative Writing
• Human Development and Family Studies
Educational Psychology
• Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
• Human Learning and Cognition
• Social Learning and Systems Approaches to Marriage and the Family
• Personality Psychology
• Social and Organizational Networks
• Social Systems Dynamics
• Sustainable Human and Social Development
• Social and Organizational Networks
More can be found in our website!
Call for Papers
The manuscript submission deadline is May 28, 2014, we would like to invite contributors like you to our conference through paper submission system. All the accepted papers will be published by “Open Journal of Social Sciences” (ISSN:2327-5952), a peer-reviewed open access journal that can ensure the widest dissemination of your work.
If you want to present your research results but do not wish to publish a paper, you may simply submit an abstract in the same way.
Being an Open Access Journal
– Researchers around the world have full access to all the published articles
– Widest dissemination of your published work ensuring greater visibility
– Free downloads of the published articles without any subscription fee
Email: [email protected]    Tel: +86 15629085792


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