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Noviembre 22, 2013
Cheng, E. C. and M. L. Lo (2013), “Learning Study: Its Origins, Operationalisation, and Implications”, OECD
Education Working Papers, No. 94, OECD Publishing.

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This paper has been prepared by Eric C.K.Cheng and Mun Ling Lo of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, in Hong Kong.
Learning Study is a collaborative, action-research approach to improve the effectiveness of student learning by
enhancing the professional competence of teachers. This is achieved through the collaborative construction of
the pedagogical content knowledge enabling them better to teach specific objects of learning. Through inquiry
and authentic learning by the teachers, it takes account of students’ prior knowledge in the lesson planning and
so creates an authentic learning environment for the students. This paper explains how the Learning Study
approach relates to the set of approaches known as “Lesson Study” and how it incorporates the principles for
high quality learning proposed by the OECD project on Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) in its design
and implementation. It examines how Learning Study helps to integrate the factors comprising innovative
learning environments. It analyses the critical conditions that support its development and practice in schools and in
professional learning networks and education systems in general.


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