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Abril 7, 2013

XX Annual Meetings of the LACEA / IADB / WB/ UNDP Research Network on
Inequality and Poverty (NIP)
Washington DC – May 6th and 7th, 2013

The next meeting of the LACEA/IDB/WB/UNDP Network on Inequality and
Poverty (NIP) will be held at the World Bank headquarter in Washington
DC on May 6th and 7th, 2013. The NIP is an initiative that aims to
advance the state of knowledge and expertise regarding the causes and
consequences of poverty, inequality, and social exclusion, as well as
on the whole range of policies, institutions, and social structures
that influence their dynamics. For more information on the NIP, go to

Submissions on all topics related to poverty and inequality in Latin
America and the Caribbean are welcome, although we particularly seek
papers on two broad subjects: “Markets and Equity” and “Middle-class,
Vulnerability and Poverty Transitions” in the region. For the first
broad subject, we especially encourage papers that address issues
related to access to factor and product markets for poor and
vulnerable groups. Of particular interest is how to measure market
power, transactions costs (in a systematic way), and other barriers to
access that may limit the participation of the poor in markets and
their ability to contribute to growth, the political economy
challenges that keep these barriers in place and the policy options to
address them. Regarding the second broad subject, we welcome original
submissions on the evolution of the middle class and its implications,
on the analysis of transitions in and out of poverty, with an emphasis
on social spending and distributional aspects of taxation.

Complete papers or advanced drafts in Word or PDF format should be
sent to [email protected] by April 5th, 2013. Papers will be selected on
the basis of academic merit. Submitted papers will be reviewed by a
program committee made of members of the Executive Committee of the
Network. Authors of the selected papers will be notified by e-mail.
Every accepted paper will be included in the program and will have a
discussant. We expect to communicate our decisions by April 15th,

The NIP may offer partial funding for travel expenses for those
participants who are not able to obtain any other financial support
from their institutions or other sources. If authors require financial
support, they should indicate it at the time of submission of the
paper. In order to receive funding from NIP, authors whose papers were
accepted must be members of LACEA and current on their membership dues
by the time of the meeting. Inquiries concerning the meeting should be
sent to [email protected].

Executive Committee, NIP:
Guillermo Cruces (Chair/CEDLAS)
Isidro Soloaga (Mexico Chapter Head)
Louise Cord (World Bank)
Hugo Ñopo (IADB)
George Gray Molina (UNDP)
Máximo Rossi (Uruguay Chapter Head)
Marisa Bucheli (Uruguay Chapter Head)
Florencia Pinto (Secretariat/CEDLAS)


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