International Higher Education, Summer Issue #72
Mayo 25, 2013
Number 72: Summer 2013
Brain Drain or Brain Exchange?
Internationalization: Trends and Critiques
Rankings and Their Implications
India Issues
England’s Present and Future
Regions and Countries

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Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to send you the Summer 2013 issue of International Higher Education. This issue features an in-depth perspective on key, and often ignored, issues of internationalization, as well as other themes.

The presentations given at our successful April 5 symposium on international higher education remain available on YouTube (see


We are engaged in a third edition of our widely used book of global higher education centers and graduate programs offering degree study in higher education. We welcome your participation and comments in relation to this work. Please contact Laura Rumbley ([email protected]) with any questions about this initiative or check out our online survey at

In other news, our work continues with the National Research University-Higher School of Economics in Moscow on a 10-country comparative study of the experiences of new faculty joining the ranks of the professoriate. We anticipate this work to culminate in a book to be published by SUNY Press in late 2013.


Philip G. Altbach, Director, CIHE

Laura Rumbley, Associate Director, CIHE 

Boston College

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Download the full English edition here. 

Brain Drain or Brain Exchange?

Internationalization: Trends and Critiques

Jenny J. Lee

The Dragon’s Deal: Sino-African Cooperation in Higher Education

Milton O. Obamba


Deceptive Foreign Credential Evaluation Services

George D. Gollin

Financial Aspects of Offshore Activities

John Fielden

Rankings and Their Implications

Andrés Bernasconi

Implications of Excellence in Research and Teaching

Johannes Wespel, Dominic Orr, and Michael Jaeger

India Issues

Philip G. Altbach and Pawan Agarwal

P. J. Lavakare

England’s Present and Future

Heather Eggins

Jeroen Huisman, Harry de Boer, and Paulo Charles Pimental Bótas

Regions and Countries

Jamil Salmi

Richard A. Skinner


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