Universidades y el Día de la Mujer
Marzo 8, 2022

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Gender equality has come a long way since International Women’s Day was founded 111 years ago. In many ways, universities have been a positive force in this journey. But there is still far to go.

Our new data-led report marking International Women’s Day 2022, Gender Equality: How global universities are performing – part 1, draws on our wealth of data to examine whether higher education is setting a leading example for other industries. One of the key findings is that while most global universities claim to have various policies and services that support women’s advancement, a far lower share are able to provide relevant evidence – raising questions about the sector’s progress to date.

We’ve also published our annual list of the world’s top universities led by women. The data show that the share of female vice-chancellors in the World University Rankings top 200 has surpassed 20 per cent for the first time.

In other news, more than 1,500 institutions from across the world have submitted data to participate in the fourth edition of our Impact Rankings. We’ll be revealing the results next month.

– Ellie Bothwell, rankings editor


Gender equality report
Mind the policy-practice gap:  How are global universities performing when it comes to making progress towards gender equality in their roles as educators, research organisations and employers? Our data-led report has the answers, with worldwide and country-level analysis on 18 indicators and detailed case studies from five universities that are leading on this work in their regions.
Moving on up:  More than one-fifth of the world’s top universities are led by women, marking a new milestone for female advancement in academia, according to an analysis of our World University Rankings data.
A bigger splash:  More than 1,500 universities across a record 110 territories have submitted data for our Impact Rankings, with Pakistan and Thailand among those significantly boosting submissions.


SDG 5 Gender Equality
A fairer future for womenThe fight for gender equality is in our DNA. As the birthplace of the suffragette movement and home to one of THE’s top 10 universities led by women, Manchester is a place where women are empowered.




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