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Mayo 13, 2014

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Education and International Development

theory, practice and issues


2014 paperback 272 pages US$56.00
ISBN 978-1-873927-47-2

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This book is a comprehensive introductory text for those beginning their studies of the complex yet fascinating area of education and international development. It sets out an overview of the main theories, ideologies and issues of education in developing countries, always with an eye to the contextual and practical realities of life in schools and other educational institutions. The book takes a balanced yet critical approach and examines both positive and negative aspects of the many relationships between education and development.

  It will be of use to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students as well as to staff in higher education who teach on courses concerned with education and development and those who work in international institutions and non-governmental organisations.



An Overview of the Field
Education and Development: introductory ideas
The Nature of Formal Education in Developing Countries: access, quality, outcomes and inequality

Theories of Education and Development:
explaining the relationships between education and development

Economic Development: human capital or dependency and socio-economic reproduction?
Modernisation or the ‘Prismatic’ Society and Institution?
Political Development and Democratisation
Education as Harmful to Development?

Ideological Goals for Education and Development:
‘ought’ relationships

Education, Capitalism and Socialism
Education and Green or Sustainable Development
Education and Religion

Issues of Education and Development
Gender, Education, Development and the Role of Masculinity
Education in Emergencies
Non-state Educational Provision
Education, Employment and Vocational Education
Education and Corruption
Education, Health and HIV/AIDS
International Aid to Education
Literacy and Language


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