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Marzo 18, 2014


How to Make Flipped Learning Work

50-Flip-Your-Classroom-Cover-150x150Flipped learning, in which students watch instructional videos for homework and use class time to apply what they’ve learned, is catching on in many schools. But there are still some misconceptions about this strategy, and some teachers have struggled to put it into practice.

With the generous support of Adobe, we’ve assembled this collection of stories and resources to help you make flipped learning a success in your schools.




Don’t make these mistakes with flipped learning

Flipped learning has taken off in classrooms across the country, but what many educators are realizing is that the new toy feeling of videos as homework is wearing…

10 must-watch videos for flipped learning

If must-implement educational trends were narrowed down to a small group, flipped learning would be among the top contenders. But flipped learning doesn’t have to consist of videos…

Internet barriers won’t hinder flipped learning

In a new YouTube video series, one technology expert is flipping ed-tech professional development for educators by showing them how to flip their own classrooms even when students…

Creating videos for flipped learning

Creating videos for flipped learningIt’s one thing to tell educators to make videos of their lessons. It’s another thing to know where to start. But thanks to the advice of a veteran…

Does research support flipped learning?

Does research support flipped learning?Though quantitative and rigorous qualitative data on flipped learning is limited, a recent literature review based on teacher reports, course completion rates, and supported methodology research indicates that…

With flipped learning, how to make sure students are doing the work

With flipped learning, how to make sure students are doing the workIn-video quizzes can answer the question: “Who is doing their homework?” and help direct the focus of the class.…

Try these free resources for the flipped classroom

Try these free resources for the flipped classroomThe flipped classroom is an education trend that has generated a lot of buzz, but some educators have struggled to create or find videos that are both short…

How a flipped classroom flipped a student’s perspective

How a flipped classroom flipped a student’s perspectiveThe idea of graduating high school is supposed to be exciting: the beginning of a brand new life filled with experience and opportunity. But, when I thought about…

Teachers: Involve parents in the flipped classroom, too

Teachers: Involve parents in the flipped classroom, tooAt the beginning of each semester I spend time speaking to my students about what the flipped classroom is: a significant change over the way students have previously…

The truth about flipped learning

The truth about flipped learningA flipped classroom is all about watching videos at home and then doing worksheets in class, right? Wrong!…

How to implement the ‘flipped classroom’

How to implement the ‘flipped classroom’Despite the attention that the videos get, the greatest benefit to any flipped classroom is not the videos. It’s the in-class time that every teacher must evaluate and…

Additional Resources

Adobe offers powerful software for video presentations

Adobe Systems has upgraded its Presenter software for creating presentations to use in eLearning, online training, flipped classrooms, and other video communications. The latest version, Adobe Presenter 9, includes new annotation and accessibility features that should appeal to educators.


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